Discovery Workshop: How Clean Core works

Discovery Workshop: How Clean Core works

A Clean Core strategy is a guaranteed success for transformation projects to the cloud. Innovations should take place on SAP BTP – to keep the SAP core clean. Consequently, the terms “Clean Core” and “SAP BTP” are often associated. But what do you need to know about this approach? In a Discovery Workshop, we provide an overview of the terminology. 

What does Clean Core actually mean for a company? Why does every organization need to address this topic? When is the right time for a clean core strategy, how do you find the right approach, and how long does implementation take? 

Introducing the Clean Core Approach (Source:
Source: “Introducing the Clean Core Approach”

Our offer: a 3-hour Clean Core Discovery Workshop 

The Discovery Workshop is designed, as a three-hour format, held virtually or physically. It provides you with a fundamental understanding of the terminology and approaches related to it. What is behind the SAP motto “Keep the Core clean”? What challenges await companies along the way? And how do you overcome them? The 3h Discovery Workshop takes you through 4 phases: 

  • WHY
    What is Clean Core, what approaches are there and what are the added values?  
    What preparations are necessary and how does SAP Tooling support this? What methodological approaches are there and what are the target architectures for a sustainable strategy?
  • GET
    How do you decide on the right technology and what are suitable methodologies and project approaches?
  • KEEP
    How do you position yourself organizationally to achieve long-term success?
Alongside our customers, we develop a clean core strategy which serves as the foundation for a successful transformation. When looking at the current state of the process landscape, there is always a decision to be made: Keep it? Adapt to the standard? Or delete it?
Christian Heinrich
Member of the Board, sovanta

Get to know our SAP BTP Squad 

The workshop is the ideal setup to suit four to eight participants, e.g. SAP BTP CoE employees, SAP core managers or product owners. You will receive insights from experienced SAP experts on what an individual setup in the cloud looks like. Our aim is for you to leave the workshop with absolute transparency and a clear roadmap for your journey. This will provide you with first-hand insights as to how you can make real innovations possible on SAP BTP – not just lift-and-shift. Sounds exciting? Please feel free to get in touch with us. 

Christian Heinrich: Marketing & Solutions
Christian Heinrich
Executive Board Member

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Christian Heinrich is a member of the Executive Board of sovanta AG and is responsible for Marketing & Solutions, Experience Management and the Design Lab. He combines a deep understanding of customer needs with expert knowledge in the latest technologies in the SAP market to bring both together for innovative solutions.
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