»As a salesman, you have to listen more than talk.«

Krisztián, Customer Engagement Manager tells his sovanta story.

Apr 15, 2019

We have already implemented innovative software solutions for around 100 companies in over 250 projects. But how do you approach the first contact with potential customers? And what is particularly important in customer communication? Here, Krisztián gives insight into his daily work as a Customer Engagement Manager and explains why he finds the IT industry so exciting.

Hello Krisztián, what led you to sovanta?

After more than four years in personnel consulting, I wanted to take a new direction thematically. So, I searched for a new employer, where two points were important to me: It was supposed to be a company that was active in the IT sector. I am very enthusiastic about tech innovations, am a curious person and like to explore new thematic areas. At sovanta, we deal with the latest technologies on a daily basis and thus always have our finger on the pulse of the times. That convinced me! After many years of working in Frankfurt and living in Heidelberg, I also wanted to finally quit commuting and find an employer in the area. That is why I found the "perfect match" with sovanta. And fortunately, that was mutual.

How were your first days at sovanta?

Although I had already been recruiting in the technical environment before and thus automatically had many contacts with the IT industry, I had not yet been so deeply involved in SAP topics. Since I am inquisitive and have a high demand on myself, I have already read the topics agile project management, Fiori, SAP UI5 & Co. intensively. When it finally started, I was really happy to be here. The client partners, our customer experts, brought me directly on board and so I could quickly see how things were going. This made it possible for me to gain helpful insights directly and to get involved in the daily work with sovanta customers from the very first day.

How can one imagine your area of responsibility as Customer Engagement Manager?

My main task is to generate leads, to identify companies that are interested in our offer and to take care of them in the first contact phase. I do most of this over the phone. Since we at sovanta have a modern and open space concept, I move to my own small office - internally also called "telephone booth". There, I can make phone calls without disturbing my colleagues. In addition, I am always present at external customer meetings, especially with customers I have "landed" myself. I also attend numerous sales and industry events and try to get potential customers excited about what we have to offer. What is particularly exciting for me here is networking, the exchange with other experts from the SAP environment. The field is super varied and there is always something new! I then take all this information about potential customers, market trends, and competitors with me into our organization so that we can position our offerings accordingly. So, my work is incredibly varied, and I am sure it never gets boring!

Do you have certain sales techniques that have proven themselves over the years?

A well-known principle among sales people is to listen more than to speak for yourself. When I speak, I do not generate valuable information, this is only possible when the other person speaks. And the more attentively I listen, the better. I pay attention also to small words, which can give a direction and then I dig deeper. For example, if the customer says, "actually no", I should find out under what conditions it can become a "yes". I am also a big fan of storytelling. The point is not to present a product or a solution to the other person on the basis of facts, but as vivid emotional, and tangible as possible by means of a story. In the IT industry, exciting use cases can be told in this way.

How does a perfect customer meeting work for you?

That's simple: it was a perfect customer meeting for me when both parties were satisfied. The question is more how to do it. It turned out for me that it never hurts to be on the same wavelength with the customer, not only professionally, but also personally. The other day I was with a colleague at a customers’ site for a two-hour meeting. It all started with a relaxed conversation, in which we mainly talked about private things, such as who has been injured while skiing and who is reading which books. Later, we also moved on to business topics, but at this point it was already clear that we were harmonizing well, both in terms of content and personality. This makes contact with customers especially fun.

Have you set yourself any personal goals at sovanta?

Of course! I want to work even more intensively with existing customers and help sovanta to continue to win many exciting customers. In the area of product campaigns, which I am marketing, I have also set myself a lot of goals. Right now, we are all about chatbots and the like. I also find everything about voice technologies and machine learning super exciting in my private life. And I try to transfer this enthusiasm to our customers, so that they later say, "I can't imagine working without the support of the bot!”

What is your balance to work? Where can you unmind?

I am a big fan of kickboxing. The sport is so fast that you don't have a chance to think about your work. You have to leave your working day behind and concentrate on the sport - otherwise you'll get a broken nose! When kickboxing, it's all about speed, good reaction skills, and willpower, these are all things that are also advantageous for me in sales.

Suit or jeans?

Definitely suit! In the morning, I like to decide quickly what to wear. With the suit, you get well dressed fast. Everyone who knows me knows that I always walk around in the "same" shirt - which of course I have several times in the closet!

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