Ensure Your Experience Management is on Point

Many businesses will step into the experience management in the upcoming years. That is because learning from employee – and customer experiences will bring the most business value in the future. But how is an XM program established?

Dec 04, 2019

Start small – Build fast

Successful businesses don’t rise within one day, especially when they are meant to be lasting. Of course, this applies to the implementation of an experience management program. No matter whether it's customer, employee or product experience - the necessary steps are deeply impacting existing processes.

We at sovanta have already had some positive experiences with this and are therefore seen as a reliable implementation partner. Although we create plausible solutions very quickly, we deliberately integrate them piece by piece so that we can adapt them at any time if necessary. Based on our findings, this is the best way to save companies time and money.

Basics are quickly established

Usually it starts with the following initial situation: A company's management team has already recognized that a good XM program is an important building block not only in the digitization process, but also in the future of the company.

That is why she has already appointed Johannes as Head of Experience Management and entrusted him with setting up an XM program. Although he doesn’t have any experience he hast to come up with a professional way as quickly as possible.

So he contacts a partner. If he is competent in the field, he will present the planning of the project to Johannes and clarify the following questions with him:

  • Which infrastructure is needed and how is it implemented?
  • How to work with personas, define them and determine their main interests?
  • How are user journeys mapped and used as a data source?
  • How are gathered data visualized and turned into actionable findings?

Implementation in three steps

In a first appointment all introductory questions of Johannes were clarified. We at sovanta use an XM workshop for this purpose. Our customers confirm that they get a very good understanding of the topic and we can give them a comprehensive overview of the three steps with which we implement complete XM projects:

First an ideal User Journey is ensured. On the basis of this, the appropriate operational and experience data (X & O data) can be tapped and combined. Based on these, an individual action plan can then be drawn up.

An XM workshop also has another benefit for Johannes: Not only does he then know exactly how the project will proceed, he also gets solid arguments and examples which he can present to his stakeholders and management internally.

You can start right away

Johannes' journey has begun on this page - on our experience management webpage you will find a brief summary of the components for a successful XM program, but also a more detailed offer showing the implementation.

Afterwards only one thing is missing to start successfully into the future: A mail to us.

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