Design Thinking: Why everyone should use it

What actually is this "design thinking" and why do companies use it eagerly? And why should it be done by sovanta? Here are the answers.

Dec 18, 2019

"Design thinking solves business problems" - most managers and decision-makers know this phrase well enough by now, because they deal with it again and again. In fact, however, this statement very often results in a question mark: How does this actually happen? And why can design thinking do this? And is there anything better?

What can design thinking do?

Very briefly: There are many methods to solve business problems, but few are as fundamentally efficient and above all sustainable as design thinking. Correctly applied by trained experts with the necessary experience, the next answer to many questions is: "No, there is nothing better.”

Design thinking is - done right - highly effective. Because a company that uses this method to solve a specific problem does not just work:

  • exactly at the existing problem and
  • within the scope of its own processes and possibilities, but also
  • with concrete potential for action from the beginning to the solution, which
  • is unique because it is individually tailored to the company and therefore
  • has a long-term effect.

From a business perspective, these are certainly convincing arguments. And since we at sovanta develop solutions with exactly this claim, we have made design thinking to one of our most important tools.


What can design thinking currently do better?

The basic demand on design thinking remains the same: an enormous range of problems can be explored and solved. However, trends can also be identified that can be traced back to current developments in various industries.

It can be stated, for example, that software today must be developed user-centered. In our experience, only those applications that provide the best possible user experience have a lasting positive impact on the company. This goes so far that every euro invested in a better user experience pays off tenfold in development and even hundredfold in operation.

Design thinking is therefore very well suited to rethink and user-center business processes and, at the same time, to identify the infrastructure and the tools required for this.

What can sovanta achieve with design thinking?

It has already been mentioned that we at sovanta have the experts. And for some weeks now, readers have been able to see for themselves on what expertise they have and even learn about concrete best practices for the method itself.

We have now compiled on a separate page what design thinking can do for your business as a problem-solving method. Here, interested parties can find out more about why it makes sense to work with this method, why sovanta is the better partner for this and even when design thinking is not appropriate - because we have a suitable solution for this too.

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